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  • The choices we make in our daily lives affect the world around us. In this fast-paced world, our need for instant gratification—be it through our preference for fast food or fast fashion—has created an unsustainable planet. Many of us do not hesitate to buy the latest trends in clothing, wear them a few times, and dump them. But few of us pause to think how these choices affect the planet. When Mother Nature decides to fight back, unimaginable things can happen.

    We at Thousand Folds Studio believe that slow is good. It took millions of years for our planet to evolve, but only a few decades to set it on a path to destruction. We want to make a difference by making choices that are environment friendly and people friendly. Through our store we plan to present an array of textiles and products that are timeless and have a history.

    Our love for craftsmanship is what got us started with this creation and curation project. Since our childhood, we traveled to various states in India, and every time we saw local crafts, we wondered how it was made and who made it. Be it inlay work from Agra, chikankari from Lucknow, glassware from Firozabad, block prints from Jaipur, kashidakari from Srinagar, or gamocha from Assam, we have always felt a sense of awe at witnessing Indian craftsmanship.

    We have always believed in the luxury of quality. It is our foremost attempt to present the best quality products to our customers. We use ethical practices in sourcing our raw materials. Our craftsmen and in-house team work hard to maintain a balance between quality and aesthetics.

    We hope you will like our products. Please look through the store and let us know if you have any questions.

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